Nymans Ur 1851 Invests in Omni-Experience - Chooses Geins and ARC Consortium as Suppliers

Swedish watch retailer Nymans Ur 1851 is collaborating with ARC to transform its digital presence. By utilizing Geins' e-commerce platform, along with a new design and brand profile, the company aims to enhance the customer experience and streamline its operational processes.

Podcast: Navigating IT Systems for E-commerce Success: Insights from Geins' CCO

Carl Abrahamsson, CCO at Geins, is a guest on Björn Påhlman Spenger's podcast "The Future of E-commerce." The episode's theme revolves around IT systems for e-commerce businesses.

Elcykelkompaniet Embraces Digital Transformation - Joins Forces with Geins

Elcykelkompaniet, specializing in electric bicycles since its inception, currently stands as a major player in its vertical. The choice of platform signifies a shift for Elcykelkompaniet as they aim to gain a larger digital market share.

Geins Secures New Capital - Aiming to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Carismar, one of Sweden's leading e-commerce providers, recently unveiled its API-first platform, Geins, which garnered significant interest. The company has now secured additional funding to assist more businesses in ramping up their digitalization efforts.

Geins is now launching - an API-first commerce platform ready to meet future needs within retail

One of Sweden's leading providers of e-commerce, Carismar, is now launching Geins. A well-elaborated API-first platform that will help prepare retailers and brands for future demands.