Nymans Ur 1851 Invests in Omni-Experience - Chooses Geins and ARC Consortium as Suppliers

Swedish watch retailer Nymans Ur 1851 is collaborating with ARC to transform its digital presence. By utilizing Geins' e-commerce platform, along with a new design and brand profile, the company aims to enhance the customer experience and streamline its operational processes.

Nymans Ur 1851 is a well-established Swedish company with roots dating back to 1851. The company is an authorized retailer, boasting the largest selection in Scandinavia, of some of the most exclusive, traditional, and innovative watch brands on the market. Through this digital initiative, the company intends to elevate the customer experience and improve internal processes:

"We are always striving to evolve our business and constantly undergo changes to ensure a high-quality customer experience. Technology is advancing rapidly, and what matters most to us is ensuring flexibility in the digital landscape. By offering a broader range of digital support, we can achieve an omni-experience that enhances customer encounters and facilitates our internal processes."

- Oskar Wessman, E-commerce & CX Project Lead

The ARC consortium leads the work from strategy to launch.

The ARC team consists of three agencies: Above, Umain, and Kurppa Hosk. Above is responsible for delivering the new design concept, Kurppa Hosk is providing identity and brand guidelines, while Umain is in charge of implementing Geins' e-commerce platform and other systems.

"We assessed our internal needs and requirements to find a partner and a platform. We were drawn to Geins for its simplicity and operational maintenance capabilities. The headless architecture provides flexibility and creates favorable conditions for us to build our brand. The technical expertise, creativity, and solution-oriented approach we gain with ARC make us confident in the project."

- Oskar Wessman, E-commerce & CX Project Lead

The launch of Nymans Ur 1851's new e-commerce platform is planned for 2023.


Carl Abrahamsson

Chief Commercial Officer