Transform your products into best-selling stories with Geins PIM

The built-in PIM in Geins Commerce is a powerful module designed to handle everything from fashion and lifestyle to more complex products such as motor parts and furniture – And the best thing about the PIM is that it is a powerful content engine. 


Turn your products into experiences from day one


Start building your catalog from day one

No need for a big introduction - Use the powerful import tool to get your inventory online in no time.


Complex products become your biggest assets

Geins PIM has since day one been developed to cater to everything from fashion and lifestyle to motor and furniture.  Thanks to the powerful and flexible property system, any product can be modified to the smallest detail. 


Customize, personalize and bundle

Your customers might be looking for something unique and some specific feature in a product, Geins PIM let you pinpoint everything down to the smallest detail so your customer doesn’t have to look very long.

Handles complex products

Fashion, furniture, or motor. We got your back.

Batch-friendly files updates

Keep your inventory in order without spending hours.

Advanced variants and relationships

Built for complex products as well as for up-selling.

Campaign engine for the books

Flexible Discounts, gift cards, and further on to promo-codes and vouchers.


Show your products at the right place at the right time


100% control of where you meet your customers

With a few clicks, you can choose to showcase and sell your products on a specific market, marketplace, or even social media feed.   


Made for cross-border commerce

The logic behind the PIM is that every product, category, or variation can be shown in different markets, with different languages and different currencies. With Veins your store will be forever local, if you want to there is. 


Brick and mortar friendly

With Geins PIM, customers can browse through your inventory online while choosing to pick-up and order in-store.

Built for omni

Online, in-store or marketplaces and feeds - The native PIM in Geins takes care of things.


Let your customers shop in their own currency.

Language support

The PIM supports up to 99 languages.

Language support

The PIM supports up to 99 languages.

"The features found in the PIM, from how the product is structured and on to custom parameters, translations, and how the import tool works - It’s just smooth. I’ve never seen another platform that gives you so much data about pricing and margins. Normally you have to set up a complex BI -tool to easily get an overview of that data. Another thing that’s great is the campaign/discounting tool, it’s straightforward and allows for a lot of flexibility."