Elcykelkompaniet Embraces Digital Transformation - Joins Forces with Geins

Elcykelkompaniet, specializing in electric bicycles since its inception, currently stands as a major player in its vertical. The choice of platform signifies a shift for Elcykelkompaniet as they aim to gain a larger digital market share.

Elcykelkompaniet - Live on Geins
Elcykelkompaniet - Live on Geins

"The interest in electric bicycles continues to grow steadily, a trend that has persisted for several years and shows no signs of slowing down. While we have primarily focused on our physical store in the past, we are now increasingly directing our efforts toward the digital realm. A key starting point for this transition is reevaluating our platform solutions," states Edvin Arnstrand, CEO of Elcykelkompaniet.

Elcykelkompaniet's product range encompasses everything from electric bicycles to clothing and accessories, predominantly featuring high-quality products from well-known brands such as Specialized, Gazelle, and Trek.

The digital infrastructure of Elcykelkompaniet is built upon Geins commerce suite, comprising various modular components, including PIM, CMS, and WMS. The storefront operates on Geins PWA, constructed using the vue.js (nuxt) framework.

"Geins offered all the components we needed right from the start, and its 'composable' nature and API-first technology ensure that we can remain agile in the future. We are extremely satisfied with the delivery and the platform," concludes Edvin Arnstrand.


Carl Abrahamsson

Chief Commercial Officer