Technology partners & integrations

Explore the Geins partner pool. Together we taking commerce technology into the future.


Adtraction connects advertisers who want to boost their digital marketing with affiliates who want to earn money from advertising.


Formerly RichRelevance, now Algonomy, is a global leader in algorithm-driven product recommendations for retailers and brands.


Amazon is the world's largest marketplace.E-merchants can use Amazon to reach the whole world with their products.


With Avarda, you are offered solutions that make it easier to create the right feeling for your customers. Possibility of flexible payment solutions, of course, but also extensive customer registers and several channels for clear information and relevant offers.


Bring solves everyday logistics for small and large businesses throughout the Nordics. At Bring you get help with everything from e-commerce to pharmaceutical transport. Bring handles packages, couriers and goods.


Budbee is a tech company that offers a logistics solution at the technological forefront for e-retailers. Budbee calls the combination of technological innovation used to solve logistical challenges "logtech". Budbee offers an innovative, flexible delivery service to 25 million people in Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland and Denmark.


With Cevoid, e-tailers can collect user-generated content directly from their customers and social media. The content is then used on the e-tailer's website, e-mail and in other channels to inspire new visitors.


Cloudflare specializes in global distributed content delivery (CDN), DDoS security and cloud services.

Collector Bank

Collector Bank offers financing for businesses of all sizes and phases. Collector believes in the power of a good idea and is spurred by seeing companies realize their visions and achieve their goals.


Contentor is one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies in the market of text and translations, creating content for web, e-commerce and all digital channels. We help our customers to internationalize in an optimal and seamless way. We have over 400 writers worldwide and can translate into more than 40 languages.


Helping thousands of brands, publishers and retailers reach and monetize potential customers, Criteo is committed to supporting a fair and open internet that enables discovery, innovation and choice.

DB Schenker

Schenker AG (DB Schenker Logistics) is a German forwarding and logistics company, which operates worldwide. Schenker's business includes transport by land, sea and air and logistics linked to this business.


DHL is the world's most international company with operations in over 220 countries. DHL delivers over 1.5 billion shipments per year and is well suited for e-tailers who sell internationally.


Ecombooster is a tool that retrieves, manages and transforms your suppliers' product data into your attributes and product rules automatically. Minimize time to market and manual work and ensure that your customers have all the information on your product pages.

Evolution Commerce

Harmoney Retail (Evolution Commerce) ERP is the complete solution for you who trade via physical store, e-commerce, club or subscription - or via all channels at the same time.


Flowbox provides the tools to collect images and videos produced and uploaded to social media by your customers and users. The user-generated content is then integrated into your marketing and takes the customer's shopping experience to the next level.


Sweden's leading and most complete business platform - chosen by over 400,000 other business owners from all industries.


Fyndiq is a Swedish marketplace for e-commerce and Sweden's largest online bargain store. Fyndiq's main task is to bring together prominent traders with bargain-hungry buyers.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels for e-tailers today. In Carismar Commerce, you can easily control which products are to be fed to Google Shopping and for which markets.

Hello Retail

Hello retail works with newsletters, triggered emails, search and personalized marketing. They help increase conversion by showing the right products at the right time.


Hotjar is an intuitive and visual way to analyze user behavior on your website. Hotjar manages heatmaps, recordings, incoming feedback and surveys. Hotjar is an excellent tool to be able to make data-driven decisions to easily further develop your e-commerce store.


Infobaleen creates better results and increased customer loyalty with AI-driven analysis. Using machine learning, the data science platform Infobaleen helps e-tailers automatically analyze transaction data and transform it into relevant key figures, analytics and customer insights.


Junipeer is connector hub built to be efficient and flexible. The architecture is created so that Junipeer can offer customized solutions in an efficient, flexible and cost-effective manner.


Klarna is a leading global payment provider and shopping service offering smarter and more flexible shopping and payment solutions to 90 million active consumers and more than 250,000 stores in 17 countries.


Klaviyo is a data-driven marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes create and automate personalized email and SMS marketing campaigns to engage and retain customers.


Loop54 offers AI and machine learning services for, among other things, the e-commerce site's search field. Loop54 uses the large specific search volumes generated on an e-commerce site to deliver even more accurate results and also base the displayed search results on what similar searches led to purchases.


Mailchimp is an "all-in-one" marketing platform for smaller e-tailers. Mailchimp has most of the basic functionality needed to get started with email marketing and is easy to use.

Makes you local

akes you local helps companies become "local" also internationally. They do this by, among other things, offering support in 13 languages, as well as translating e-commerce stores into local languages, written in a local and appealing way.


Match2One is a programmatic advertising platform that makes digital advertising and tracking easy. Match2One is part of the Verve Group.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft's cloud service Azure offers locally located cloud solutions, hybrid solutions, multi-cloud solutions or whatever you need. Carismar Commerce is powered entirely via Azure.


Nosto is an AI-based recommendation engine that can, for example, display similar products on the product page, or create product feeds. Nosto can also manage and optimize the sorting for category listings.


nShift (formerly unifaun and also memnon) is a cloud-based freight forwarding (TA) platform. Through nShift, e-retailers can connect to 100s of different shipping providers. Through full integration with nShift, both deliveries and returns in Carismar Commerce can be made fully automated.


Ongoing WMS (Warehouse Management System) has all the functions expected of a competent and full-scale warehouse system. Great flexibility is available to manage different types of goods flows in an efficient manner. The service has many standard scans that can be quickly set up depending on your needs.


Flexible solutions for complex business. PayEx takes care of invoicing, financing and debt collection in a way that is adapted to your company.


Using PayPal's two-way network, Paypal's platform lets you connect with over 346 million PayPal customers worldwide, across multiple platforms and marketplaces.


PostNord focuses development on the consumer's journey before purchase, after purchase and after delivery to help you create loyalty that leads to repeat purchases and recommendations.


Pricerunner is Sweden's largest comparison service with 2.4 million products. Pricerunner's visitors almost exclusively choose to buy from stores that are customers of PriceRunner.


Prisjakt is one of Sweden's largest price and product comparison services. Prisjakt makes it easy for consumers to find the right product, the right price and the right store.


Pixyle is an AI-powered computer vision platform that specializes in product recognition and data extraction from images and videos. It enables businesses to automate tasks such as cataloging products, monitoring inventory etc.


The pulse is behind, among other things, the Harmoney Retail (Evolution Commerce) ERP system, which is used by several major e-retailers.


Redeal offers an automated solution through a simple platform for referral marketing. Use Redeal's software to engage your best customers to become ambassadors and tell their friends about your brand.


Rule helps you deliver a personalized experience throughout the customer journey. With Rule's tools for Marketing Automation, newsletters and SMS mailings, you can tailor communications at every touchpoint.


Sello has helped countless sellers increase their sales by starting to sell on only 2-5 marketplaces. Today, Sello has over 50 connected marketplaces that e-merchants can access with an existing and complete integration with Geins Commerce.


Sharespine - The platform with strong connections to the trade. Collect your connections in Sharespine's integration platform. It ties together all flows between Webshop, Financial system, Payments, Marketplaces, Cash register, WMS & TA systems.


Sitoo is a cloud-based checkout system and Unified Commerce Platform. With unified real-time data across all sales channels, retailers can sell and deliver any product anywhere and manage returns anywhere.


Soultech building a B2B SaaS platform for brands to interact with their end-customers in the messaging channels. Brands create a personalized experience for their customers by being present in the right messaging channels. Business messaging is the perfect new trend and Soultech is the solution for it.


Specter is one of Sweden's leading suppliers of web-based business systems, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and omnichannel solutions for e-tailers, stores and wholesalers.


SVEA tailors the Checkout to how you and your customers want to shop. Quick and easy integration completed in Geins Commerce. Works equally well for B2C and B2B. All payment methods - including Swish


Streamify is an easy-to-use digital platform that combines live streaming and e-commerce. The service targets both the individual creator and larger established actors in a broad range of industries.


Symplify is one of the leading A/B testing tools on the market. The company also provides an MA system specially equipped for compliance.


Textual's Natural Language Generation platform can write product descriptions in 25 different languages. With Textual's platform, you can reduce the cost of creating product descriptions by up to 90%.


Triggerbee collects data on an individual level about your visitors and allows you to use the data to create and target messages to specific individuals and target groups on your website.


Trustpilot is a digital platform that brings businesses and consumers together to promote trust and inspire collaboration. Transparency is central to our Trustpilot, which is free and open to everyone.


United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) is the world's largest package delivery company, delivering over 13 million packages every weekday to over 200 countries worldwide with the help of its over 480,000 employees.


Videoly is a service that finds, collects and links up product videos, which can then be displayed on e-tailers' product pages or landing pages. Through videoly, e-tailers get more relevant content on their website, and videoly's service also ensures that it is relevant.


Visma is a leading supplier of business-critical software, for more efficient and stronger societies.


With Voyado, e-tailers can create segmented marketing campaigns and customer loyalty for increased turnover. Voyado gathers all customer management in one place in a database in order to be able to track and analyze customers' purchasing behavior.


Walley (Collector Bank) is a strategic partner in payment solutions and offers the market's most complete solution for both B2C and B2B sales. Walley's flexible solutions give merchants in all types of industries control over the entire buying journey.


Zapier is one of the world's largest integration platforms. With the connection to Zapier, you can connect your e-commerce with over 4000 apps and automate large parts of your business.