"We're rethinking and rebuilding commerce technology and making it available for everyone"

When evolution accelerates, complexity often grows with it. Geins is about reducing that complexity and letting brands & retailers focus on what really matters.


The vision behind Geins is based on four pillars

Give smaller retailers & brands a chance to compete with enterprise companies

Serve SMB's with a complete and future-proofed commerce stack taking care of everything from content to fulfillment.

Get enterprises a platform where they freely could iterate and develop new business models

Enterprises should be free to iterate and take both brand and customer experience to new levels without spending a fortune on never-ending projects.

Give designers, developers & content creators the ability to work together and create anything

That's what comes with the territory of API-first approach. There shouldn't be any limitations on what to achieve.

Something that could be integrated with anything today, and tomorrow

We're entering a new era of commerce, and things like IoT, Metaverse and web3 are more and more about to become a reality

"We’ve been planning Geins for a long time, and now the technology exists to make it possible. Geins is a product that can be used by everyone, and something that developers, designers, and creators can work together on to create anything"

- Kristian Arvidsson, CEO.

"Those who succeed today focus on the customer and the experience itself. But everything has become extremely complex. Many players find it difficult to find a commerce stack that responds to business requirements within a reasonable budget"

- Carl Abrahamsson, CCO