Geins FOR B2B

Take your business to new levels with Geins Commerce

Geins Commerce Suite comes with tons of features made for B2B logic, a pack of integrations, and can be modified as you please in the long run.


Your whole inventory online in no time

The industries are changing, and your clients expect the same kind of experience as they do away from work - Geins lets you build a wholesale business out of the box from day one.


Showcase your products and meet your customers where they are

The native-PIM in Geins Commerce lets you enrich your product catalog and open up new sales channels in no-time.


Plan and schedule everything months in advance

Sync your campaigns and product releases with ready-made imagery and schedule everything down to the smallest block.


A few clicks to take care of deliveries and returns

In today's omnichannel-fulfillment economy, connected consumers want to buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere, and return anywhere. The built-in WMS in Geins takes care of exactly these things.  


Keep track of your customers and raise AOV

Geins built-in CRM has functions that allow you to improve and nurture customer relationships. With the CRM you get a 360 degree view of all your customer relationships

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Unmatched total cost of ownership

Taking care of everything from content to fulfillment straight out of the box - the operational cost for your complete commerce suite will be extremely low.

100% Modularity

Geins is built upon API-first technology, and every module plays well with any 3rd-party tool or within a composable commerce stack.

Future-proofed technology

We’re not just a monolith with an API placed upon it - We’re API-first. Your business will be safe for the future of commerce.

100% Scalable

Geins is 100% cloud-native, and scales up and down in seconds.

Customer groups

Divide and segment your customers according to agreements, and let your customers place their orders without having to rely on customer support. 

Unique discounts

Discounts can be managed all the way from customer pricelists all the way down to product SKU.

Pricing logic

Flexible changes in prices depending on the quota available from day one.

Go OMNI and sell more

Feed your sellable products out to marketplaces and boost your sales.


Modify your products down to the smallest detail

The built-in PIM has been developed side by side together with category leaders representing different industry verticals. Thanks to the powerful and flexible property system, any product can be modified to the smallest detail.


Features that make complex products feel like a walk in the park

Height, weight, or any particular properties that define the product? - The PIM will solve it no matter how complex it is.

Connect with ERP

Connect all order history with your preferred ERP to keep your business in order.

Personalized and segmented campaigns

Order history and used campaigns - everything can be synced with your CRM for future campaigns and personalized offerings.

Payments that fit your needs

Invoice, regular PSP, or a split between the two? Geins let you modify anything to keep your customers happy.


Stay local even when selling globally

Gone are the days when selling products across borders was seen as a hassle. Geins let you cater to everyone in any market and let your customers shop their way.


Manage every storefront, for any market from one single backend.

Administrate everything from products to content, and on which markets everything will be published - from one single backend.

Cart & checkout flow designed according to your needs

Rebuild the checkout to boost your conversions. 

International tax all handled

Geins come with settings for international tax rates and can be modified for local changes when needed.  

Deliveries that your customers prefer

Get features for the right delivery options for any market straight out of the box and the setup comes with an automated fulfillment workflow.

Local currencies, with preferred language and payment options.

Drive your sales and boost conversions with the right type of currency, language, and PSP provider for any market.


Plan your content and campaigns months in advance

Sync your campaigns and product releases with ready-made imagery and schedule everything down to the smallest block.


Schedule everything - Yeah, everything

Collaborate with your colleagues on planning the next campaign, and where and when to go live with it. Every widget can be scheduled.

Powerful campaign editor

Chose between pre-defined templates and where and when the campaign should be running - and you’re good to go. 

Sell more with unique listings and pages

Geins comes with tons of options for you to use when adding that extra sauce to your listings and product detail pages.

Social proof

Raise your conversions with social proof - use existing reviews to inspire your future customers.


Your brand, your design - your experience intact.

Today, commerce is all about experience and what sets brands apart - With Geins as the backbone of your commerce stack, you are set for days and can fully focus on building the best possible brand out there.


Made for your brand to stand out

Mixing the best of both worlds, Geins come as a headless platform, meaning that the front end is decoupled from the backend - and ready for you to start testing your creative output without risking losing any business tied to the backend. 

Create and own your own roadmap

Mix and match and find your own preferred way of work and design with the partner of your choice.

Perfect experience in every channel

Move apart from your competitor's thanks to the power of a headless setup, OMNI-ready functions, and meet your customers where they are.

API Coverage = 100%

Ready and tailored for you to start building the store you've always dreamed of.


Future-proofed technology & 24/7 service

Geins are built upon a MACH architecture and are future-proof for many years to come - with the commerce suite you’ll get a scalable solution made for world performance and a customer success team that guides you from the start and is there for you when you’ll need them.

99,99% uptime

You can rely on the tech while building your brand. 

On-boarding made for you.

Not having any particular experience with eCommerce? - No worries, we’ll take care of you.

Customer Success.

You’ll get a dedicated product specialist to help you solve anything together with you and your agency partner.

24/7 Emergency support.

Does anything seem wrong? - We’re just a phonecall away.