Q&A with Gustaf Hummel Burström at Cypoint

Meet Gustaf Hummel Burström, the Head of E-Commerce at Cypoint, a dynamic company specializing in digital transformation. In this interview, we explore Cypoint's journey, their partnership with Geins, the range of clients they've served, Gustav's aspirations, and insights into the evolving commerce landscape.

Gustaf Hummel Burström, Cypoint
Gustaf Hummel Burström, Cypoint

For people not aware Cypoint, what do you do?

Cypoint is a hub of four companies dedicated to helping clients in achieving success in their digital transformation journey. Specifically, at Cypoint Inspire, our focus is on helping customers with e-commerce and PIM (Product Information Management). We not only implement new solutions for our clients but also work to optimize their existing solutions, ensuring they get the maximum value from them.


Why partnering up with Geins? 

We needed to complement our current lineup with a strong offering suitable for small to mid-sized companies wanting a powerful and flexible solution. The Geins solution checks all the boxes of a modern MACH solution, offering excellent functionality to meet each customer’s needs in terms of functionality, support for future demands, and scalability. That combined with the supportive team at Geins made it an easy decision to partner up!


What types of clients have you worked with before? 

We work both with B2C and B2B clients. Such as Polarn & Pyret, Regin Controls, and Skistar.


 Is there a brand or retailer that's on your bucket list? In other words, is there a brand or retailer out there you've always wanted to work with, and if so, what makes them so appealing to you?

At Cypoint, we enjoy both tackling complex solutions and navigating technical landscapes for B2B, as well as working with high profile brands in B2C. I believe everyone here has their own bucket list. But personally, as a motorsports fan, the idea of working on a project with a Formula 1 team would undoubtedly be very high up my list!


 How do you perceive the changes in the commerce landscape over the past five years, and how have these changes influenced your approach to implementation projects?

One of the biggest changes from a technical point of view is the rise of composable and MACH architecture. Customers don’t want to be locked in with a monolithic solution, risking finding themselves in a future scenario where they might need to replace everything just to enable a new third-party service. With a composable solution, they can feel confident that it supports the possibilities and needs of tomorrow.

From an e-commerce business point of view, sustainability and circularity continue to gain importance. Here, there are opportunities for the platform suppliers to develop support for a circular economy, including features such as buy-back functionality.

From a project point of view, clients are now more cautious, resulting in implementation projects in a phased manner rather than “big-bangs” where everything is changed at the same time.

 Final question, what can clients expect from Cypoint? 

An experienced team dedicated to doing everything possible to ensure a successful solution not only during the project phase but also in the long-term. Understanding where the client wants to go tomorrow is vital in understanding what needs to be done today. This approach allows us to create long-term value for the customer, and in turn build a long-lasting relationship together.


Carl Abrahamsson

Chief Commercial Officer