Geins Secures New Capital - Aiming to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Carismar, one of Sweden's leading e-commerce providers, recently unveiled its API-first platform, Geins, which garnered significant interest. The company has now secured additional funding to assist more businesses in ramping up their digitalization efforts.

"We see this new injection of capital as a validation of our robust, scalable business model and strategically positioned product. Since its launch, our API-first platform has garnered considerable attention, enabling customers to quickly launch a future-proof e-commerce solution and focus on enhancing the user experience. Many players are facing challenges on their digitalization journey, and Geins is well-equipped to handle even the most complex product categories," commented Kristian Arvidsson, CEO.

Kristian Arvidsson, CEO. Carl Abrahamsson, CCO.
Kristian Arvidsson, CEO. Carl Abrahamsson, CCO.

The latest investment comes from tech entrepreneur Olof Carlstoft, Roger Bjärevall, founder of software company DbVis Software, Jan Enhager, co-founder of Vitamin Well, Fredrik Sjöborg, founder of Seacastle, and Erik Wickgren, CEO of Petrel Group. With this capital infusion, Geins aims to further expedite its development and assist more businesses in preparing for the future, particularly in the automotive sector, where significant opportunities lie.

"Our concept has been thoroughly tested and proven in the market, and we are now gearing up for expansion. Initially, we are concentrating on the Nordic region, where we have observed substantial demand, but our product is designed to serve all markets," concluded Kristian.


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