Geins is now launching - an API-first commerce platform ready to meet future needs within retail

One of Sweden's leading providers of e-commerce, Carismar, is now launching Geins. A well-elaborated API-first platform that will help prepare retailers and brands for future demands. 

We want to give enterprises a future-proof platform where they freely could iterate and develop new business models

Geins is now launching, an API-first platform developed to meet future needs and demands within retail. Brands such as Bubbleroom, Zoovillage, Maze Interior and Pilke Lights are some of the many companies already using Geins to deliver their e-commerce.

Geins logotype on black background
Geins logotype on black background

Focusing on the customer experience is a must to succeed in our world's contemporary digital environment. But while the development has been fast and all aspects of customer experience are getting better, some parts are still complex and hard to grasp. Finding the right solution that delivers a good customer experience and business demands, within a reasonable budget, has been hard for many brands and is a problem we want to put an end to, says Carl Abrahamsson, CCO. 

The team behind Geins consists of a number of people from Carismar. Geins will work as the supplier of the API-first platform Geins Commerce while Carismar will continue as a consultant company and a separate business partner under the name Carismar Agency.

Kristian Arvidsson, CEO. Carl Abrahamsson, CCO.
Kristian Arvidsson, CEO. Carl Abrahamsson, CCO.

The vision of Geins has been there for a long time, but the technology necessary to make it work hasn’t existed until now. Geins is a product to be used by anybody, and gives designers, developers, and content creators the ability to create anything, says Kristian Arvidsson, CEO. launches on February 20th 2023.


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