MACH Commerce enables online retailers to take a best-of-breed approach

MACH stands for Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless. These four components combined create a modern infrastructure for building e-commerce platforms. A future-proof solution for online retailers, allowing businesses to adapt to emerging technologies quickly. We know it as MACH Architecture or MACH Commerce. 

Total cost of ownership in e-commerce - The thing to lookout for

Many e-commerce projects can come with a higher cost of ownership than initially predicted; that is where total cost of ownership (TCO) comes into play.

Headless e-commerce leaves you with infinite benefits and strengths

Our buying patterns change each day rapidly, and not updating your e-commerce accordingly would be to ignore the development of our time. This is where headless e-commerce comes in. This flexible invention enables businesses to extend their brands quickly to meet new needs. 

Unified Commerce: a future-thinking addition to operating your ecommerce business

“From more seamless interactions to agile global expansions, merchants who embrace Unified Commerce today will be cheering tomorrow”

Microservices architecture encourages change only where needed

It’s almost annoyingly recurrent how we list the perks of flexibility in the e-commerce industry. But that’s where we are today. Keeping up with our time's shoppers, demands, and anticipations of e-commerce - a changeable base is just what you need when building e-commerce ready for new integrations.