3️ Signs you are on the right track with your data strategy

The power of data is undeniable, yet many companies struggle to use it effectively due to unclear strategies. Kristian Arvidsson, CEO of Geins, highlights the importance of a robust data strategy that delivers immediate value and scales for the future.

Aligning marketing and tech: why short-term wins can sabotage long-term success

The tension between short-term wins and long-term success is evident in both marketing strategies and tech investments. Performance marketing often prioritizes immediate results, while brand marketing focuses on sustainable growth. Similarly, choosing tech stacks for quick wins can hinder long-term scalability and flexibility. In this article, Carl Abrahamsson, COO of Geins, explores these parallels and offers insights on achieving a balanced approach.

From dead horse to racehorse: Revamping your business for the digital age

Kristian Arvidsson, CEO of Geins, explores the wisdom behind the Dead Horse Theory and its relevance in today's fast-paced business environment. 

Rethinking pre-studies: Do they still matter in e-commerce?

The last year has seen more significant advancements in e-commerce than the previous five years combined. This rapid pace of innovation presents both opportunities and challenges for merchants. Carl Abrahamsson, COO at Geins, questions the necessity of the traditional pre-study phase in such an unpredictable future. He explores how merchants can navigate the unknown, leveraging what they know while preparing to succeed with the unexpected.

Escape the SaaS trap: Control your data, ignite innovation

In this article, Kristian Arvidsson, CEO of Geins, delves into the importance of owning your data and maintaining flexibility in a SaaS-driven IT environment. Drawing inspiration from the classic film Heat, Kristian explores strategies for navigating the SaaS landscape, avoiding common pitfalls, and leveraging your data to drive innovation and business success.

Revolutionizing Customer Experience in E-commerce: The future is spelled personalization

Why the future is spelled Personalization? We have tons of reasons coming your way. Dive into the future of e-commerce where AI reigns supreme!

A guide to cross-border commerce

Expanding your business to a global scale or entering a new market can be complex. The benefits of cross-border e-commerce include expansion opportunities and increased sales, but there are some things to consider regarding shipping, taxes, and other logistical matters.

The changing landscape of B2C retail: Staying Ahead of the Game

With more and more brands opting to sell their products directly to consumers, traditional B2C online retailers are facing a new wave of challenges. In order to stay competitive and relevant in this changing landscape, it is crucial for these retailers to adapt and find innovative ways to add value for customers.

Composable commerce - Here’s the thing

Ecommerce is growing and so is the competition between brands and retailers. The point of composable is the ease of movement and instead of replacing your entire platform, replace parts when needed. Predictions go around saying that organizations adopting the composable approach will be able to implement new features 80% faster than their competitors building their platforms from scratch. No wonder there’s hype out there.

Headless e-commerce leaves you with infinite benefits and strengths

Our buying patterns change each day rapidly, and not updating your e-commerce accordingly would be to ignore the development of our time. This is where headless e-commerce comes in. This flexible invention enables businesses to extend their brands quickly to meet new needs. 

Total cost of ownership in e-commerce - The thing to lookout for

Many e-commerce projects can come with a higher cost of ownership than initially predicted; that is where total cost of ownership (TCO) comes into play.

MACH Commerce enables online retailers to take a best-of-breed approach

MACH stands for Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless. These four components combined create a modern infrastructure for building e-commerce platforms. A future-proof solution for online retailers, allowing businesses to adapt to emerging technologies quickly. We know it as MACH Architecture or MACH Commerce. 

Unified Commerce: a future-thinking addition to operating your ecommerce business

“From more seamless interactions to agile global expansions, merchants who embrace Unified Commerce today will be cheering tomorrow”