Nymans Ur: Embracing the digital future of premium retail

Nymans Ur is a trailblazer in Scandinavia, boasting the most extensive collection of premium watches in the region. As an authorized retailer for renowned brands such as Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet, Blancpain, and Chopard, their selection embodies exclusivity and excellence in the watch market. In addition to their exquisite watches, Nymans Ur also offers a curated range of fine jewelry including their own brand RARE Jewelry. With a legacy that stretches over 170 years, Nymans Ur is a name synonymous with exclusivity and uncompromising quality.

Embracing a Digital Future

Long celebrated as one of the most exclusive watch destinations in the Nordic region, Nymans Ur embarked on a journey to redefine its digital presence. A thorough evaluation was conducted to understand what was already in place and what needed to evolve:

“We quickly realized that, like many others, we were sitting on a legacy of technical debt inherited from our physical retail origins. Transitioning to a digital business model required a fundamentally different approach, prompting our comprehensive assessment.”

- Oskar Wessman, Head of E-Commerce & CX

Leaving a monolith to pursue flexibility and scalability

For years, enterprise monotliths was the go-to platforms for organizations like Nymans Ur. However, the licensing models and consultant-driven projects prompted brands and retailers to seek Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.

“We sought simplicity. A SaaS product that's continuously updated allows us to focus on growing our business. Being a small team, bespoke development isn't sustainable for us. Having the capability to manage most tasks in-house was crucial”

- Oskar Wessman, Head of E-Commerce & CX

Choosing a future-proof platform

Everyone involved in e-commerce knows how rapidly technology evolves. The architecture of platforms changes frequently, prompting brands to think carefully before settling on a platform. Nymans Ur was no exception.

"We can't predict all our future needs. Choosing a platform that provided a solid foundation with open architecture was critically important. Opting for Geins, equipped with both a powerful Product Information Management (PIM) system and a competitive Content Management System (CMS), meant we could avoid future dependencies and external integrations. This was a significant advantage for us."

- Oskar Wessman, Head of E-Commerce & CX

Focusing on brand experience

Beyond Nymans Ur, the team also manage Krons, necessitating a platform that could support two distinct stores with different design systems from a single admin interface.

"To translate our physical store experience to the digital realm, nothing but a headless approach would do. Even though we're not a high-volume business, the digital experience is crucial. Our online store supports the physical store, and the omni experience is high priority Geins made this easy with its API-first design."

- Oskar Wessman, Head of E-Commerce & CX

Simplifying product management and overview

Selling both new and pre-owned products meant product management was a priority, and it was essential that multiple team members could utilize the system from day one.

"Geins' PIM system is great. It's powerful, flexible, and simplifies product setup. I've worked with external PIM systems before, and it often gets complicated with the integrations. With Geins' PIM, we have a clear overview."

“Given our suppliers' strict guidelines on product and category presentation, the flexibility of our chosen platform was non-negotiable. Geins delivered with a flexible foundation that made this possible”

- Oskar Wessman, Head of E-Commerce & CX

Fast market entry and scalability from day one

Traditionally, platform migrations are seen as costly, never-ending projects. However, advancements in technology and architecture have changed this narrative.

"With Geins, we achieved a quick time to market and scalability for the future. It provided everything we needed to operate our business efficiently. We can choose our designs freely, have a clear product overview, and maintain full control of our inventory. The best part is, we don't need a large organization to manage everything."

- Oskar Wessman, Head of E-Commerce & CX

From this day and forward in the digital era

As Nymans Ur forges ahead in the digital era, its journey from a physical retailer to a digital flagship showcases its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer experience.With a strategic approach to technology and a focus on scalability, flexibility, and brand experience, Nymans Ur is well-positioned to continue its legacy of excellence in premium watch and jewelry market.

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