From local challenges to global opportunities: Köttfabriken’s journey to redefine how people experience and purchase meat products online

Köttfabriken is a venture born from a noticeable market need. Established in 2022 and headquartered in Täby, north of Stockholm, Köttfabriken has distinguished itself as a leader in the premium meat sector. Their mission? To redefine how people experience and purchase meat products online.

Overcoming WooCommerce limitations: Köttfabriken's Path to enhanced efficiency

As Köttfabriken's operations began to expand, the limitations of their initial WooCommerce setup became increasingly apparent. Initially chosen for its simplicity and ease of entry into the e-commerce market, WooCommerce soon posed significant challenges that obstructed the company's growth and efficiency. 

“First and foremost, it took an extremely long time to get things done. When you're running multiple plugins, you completely lose compatibility. The order management just doesn't work once you start to increase the number of orders. We estimated that we were only achieving 30% of our potential, and that’s precisely why we decided that we needed to move.”

- Leo Brogren, CTO

Choosing Geins: A strategic decision for integrated digital commerce

Before deciding on their next step, Köttfabriken extensively explored various platforms to find the best fit for their growing business needs. They reviewed numerous solutions, each offering a range of features and capabilities. Ultimately, Köttfabriken chose Geins due to its comprehensive architecture and the inclusion of several competitive modules that other platforms lacked.

Geins stood out because it offered not just a Product Information Management (PIM) system but also integrated modules for Content Management (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and even a WMS (Warehouse Management System). This all-in-one solution provided Köttfabriken with a more holistic approach to managing their online presence. In contrast, other platforms they considered were primarily focused on PIM functionalities and did not offer the additional tools necessary for a fully integrated digital commerce strategy.

“We looked at several other platforms, but we didn't find what we were looking for. Most of them offered mainly PIM systems, which required us to piece together additional functionalities. Geins, on the other hand, came with standard modules which made the whole process much easier.”

- Leo Brogren, CTO

Köttfabriken achieves operational success with Geins from day one

Köttfabriken, like many others, values the comprehensive and integrated nature of Geins, which allows for operational efficiency from day one. They appreciated that Geins provided a suite of seamlessly integrated tools, eliminating the need for the extensive setup, time, and budget often required to integrate multiple disparate systems. This efficiency and the ability to quickly become fully operational are key factors in Köttfabriken’s satisfaction with Geins, showcasing its effectiveness for businesses eager to streamline operations and minimize delays.

“We’re impressed by the whole package, I would say. Having so many features from the start and being able to scale—it's incredibly valuable. The flexibility, especially with the API-first approach, allows us to adapt our tech stack as needed, which is a huge advantage.”

"Product enrichment used to require ten people working for several weeks. Now, we just need one person—it's totally streamlined. The same goes for our incoming and outgoing shipments."

- Leo Brogren, CTO

Köttfabriken sets sights on expansion across the Nordics and beyond

Köttfabriken is actively continuing to expand their business, with a primary focus on the Nordic region. However, they are not stopping there; they are also laying the groundwork for extending their operations throughout the rest of Europe. 

These expansion plans underscore Köttfabriken's ambition to bring their high-quality products and innovative shopping experience to a broader audience, leveraging their operational efficiencies and robust platform capabilities to meet new market demands.